If to be asked, what is the first thing to do in life, most of travelers will say TRAVEL. You might say “of course! Because they are travelers already”. But, no! It is not really. You just really recognize the meaning of something until you do it, experience it. In my life, I have got chance to be a friend of several tourists around the world including Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc. They shared me different stories and mission. Why they do, what they are looking for, what challenges facing, how their life is changed. Traveling is not simple to MOVE, but to observe and to feel every corner of lives. Learning about new people, new lands, new cultures. Any where you come, you will find something new and strange to you. 

Some days ago, I met a man from England, Mr Frank – handsome and interesting. We became friends because he can smoke Tobacco Bong of Vietnamese people which is used no where in the world or rare. In Vietnam, if you can smoke this Tobacco bong, there will be many guys approaching, talking. It is a custom, a culture. He told his stories and life. It excited me and motivate me to write this post. I appreciate our friendship. Thank you Frank. I asked “why you know how to use this kind of thing?”. He said: “my host (owner of the renting house) taught me, but I coughed a lot and got dizzy for the first time.”, but I am professional now, he added. 

Sometimes, you can connect other people in a simple way. Try to use what the local people use. Doing that way will imply that you are friendly and want to make friend. When you and I travel far, make more friends, because they will protect you when you need some help. That’s all I want to share with you in this short paper.


By the way, you are curious what the tobacco bong is, then I share some information as follows.

The tobacco bong (điếu cày) is a popular companion for everyone from café-goers to parking attendants in Vietnam who are looking for a greater high than normal cigarettes provide, or simply a strong digestive aid.

People use these bongs to smoke thuốc lào, a very potent variety of tobacco with a high concentration of nicotine (around 9% compared to 2 – 8% for Nicotiana tabacum, the tobacco commonly found in cigarettes).

After taking a hit, the smoker usually experiences a few seconds of strong dizziness. It should be said however that even heavy cigarette smokers have had trouble with the intense volume of smoke, the high nicotine content, and that side effects include nausea and vomiting.


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