How to use Wireless Microphone SK750 for Camera


Today I am going to review an amazing product for you guys who are Youtubers, Vloggers, go livestreams etc. Look at this long wired microphones 6 meters Boya M1. It is familiar to you and is a good sound quality microphone.

However, you may find some troubles. The first thing is that when you record videos, it is inconvenient for you to move around, it restricts your motion when you record. And the second is that this wired microphone is limited to one speaker only. What happens if you need 2 microphones for 2 speakers? It is time for you to think about a wireless microphone which can help you move freely, easily without messy cables. The question is that what microphones is cheap, but good for you? RODE is one of the most famous brand, but it is not affordable for everyone. The price is around 250 US dollars.

That’s why I would like to introduce an alternative product with cheap price but fair quality enough – SK750. This microphone can be used for mobile phone, camera, livestreams.

It is very easy for you to find some instruction video for Mobile phone. So I am not going to talk about this. Instead, today, in this video, I will only explain details on how to use this microphone for Camera & how to attach one more lavalier microphone.

Main contents:

Main contents

+Firstly, let’s see what is inside the box of SK 750. There are 2 transmitters Tx or we can say 2 microphones, and 1 receiver Rx to receive the signal from microphone. In addition, many supporting accessories are provided by manufacturer.

+Now how to use SK750 for Camera, Canon EOS M50 in this case.

+Next is how to attach one separate lavalier microphone with wireless microphone S750

Prepare equipment

Required equipments

1.Camera EOS M50

2.Wireless Microphone SK750 & accessories

3.Lavalier microphone (wired)

How to set up

Step 1: Connect Receiver Rx with Camera by red cable

Step 2: Turn on Camera, turn on receiver

Step 3: Turn on transmitter (microphone)

Step 4: Start to use

Instruction details

How to use Wireless microphone SK750


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