How to back up and restore wordpress website easily with duplicator


This is an important step to make sure that everything is saved before you go out for sightseeing or take a travelling.


This does not explain how to create a new website, but it reminds you to secure all your work in case of data loss or hacker attack.

If you are an online marketer, this steps is consid

The backup and restore of wordpress website data recovery is a basic skill required for those who do the web in general and wordpress in particular. When do you need to backup and restore data?

  • When you want to move the web to a new domain
  • When you transfer old to new hosting
  • And simply BACKUP/RESTORE is to duplicate your website without re-create it manually

The way Duplicator works is that you operate right on the admin dashboard to create DATABASE files and SOURCE code without accessing cpanel hosting.

Here are details on how to use this plugin from the step of creating 2 duplicated files, to the step of using these 2 files to restore the website.
Don’t forget the last important note of the article.

How to use Duplicator

First, go to the admin dashboard of your site and go to PLUGIN section.

At the plugin’s dashboard page, search the keyword duplicator and install/activate.

Or you can also download the plugin here.

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After installation you will see Duplicator appear in the dashboard. You click on it to see an empty table. Then click on Create new to create a new dataset.

Now you will see the screen as below. Click next to continue.

You do not need to pass all the entries. Some items with warnings are fine. However, if the backup file is too large, you need to pay attention to your image file. When the backup file size is too large, you will not build the copied data (duplicator limits the file size with the free version).

How quickly or slowly it depends on the amount of data your website.

Once completed, Duplicator will provide you with two files: installer.php (the file used to activate the recovery installation) and the archive file (this file contains both the database and source code). You download both 2 files to your computer.


You upload the 2 downloaded files (installer.php & data file) above to the hosting using FILE MANAGER on CPANEL of hosting. You can also use third party software such as winscp or filezillar (FTP account).Next, run the file installer.php under the link You replace yourdomain with your domain name.

From the screen that appears, select Create New Database or you can connect available Database (database name, database user, password).

(If you already have a database name, database user, user password, then select connect and remove all data).

Click Test Connection check if the information you entered is correct. If the information is OK, click the Run deployment button to perform data recovery.


The next screen you will see the old and new path information. Click Advanced Options to replace the old admin account with a new admin account if you want.


If you are OK with all the information, click the Run update button to continue.

Finally, you will see the screen as below. It means the data recovery process was successful.


Now you need to do some of the following:

  • Go to Settings -> Permalinks and press Save Changes.
  • Go to Duplicator -> Tools -> Cleanup, click Deleted Reserved Files to delete the backups.
  • Delete the Duplicator plugin (if no need, you should deactive the plugin)

Above are instructions on how to use Duplicator to back up and restore your website. This is the fastest way you can do this. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to ask, exchange more.

Important attention

In addition to the installer.php file and the Archive file, you should do one more thing, which is to export all the post as xml file to use in case you need to backup the article to another website.

This step does not save everything but it can save your posts, pages, media, products, comments etc with a light file.

Go to tool ==> Export ==> All content / all content, then copy the saved xml file.

In conclusion, whoever you are, please never forget BACKUP/RESTORE your website to secure all your data.

Good luck!


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