Hire a website designer or make it by yourself


It is true that hiring a professional designer or company to make a website for you is a good idea to design a professional website. However, in most cases, online marketers do not need to do this because the cost is high and developers have already made templates ready for you with affordable cost, repsonsive design and beauty. It is time to do it by yourself. 

Hire a designer or hire yourself?

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself a personal blog, a product introduction website, a sales website, or a website that makes money online …

And you start on google to search and you look to design companies. Of course you will have to spend millions to hire design companies to make you a website as you like. After the design is complete, the company will hand over the website as the initial demo for you and guide you on the necessary operations to use. All you need to do is pay them. But there are some issues that interest you.

There are three issues when hiring a web designer: High cost, low proactivity and security risk.

The first is high costs. The cost of a design company is high, and you may not be able to maintain it. I do not give specific numbers for every case because outsourcing design varies depending on your needs. But to be easy to imagine, I took my case to illustrate. In 2014, I hired a company to design me a website using wordpress for 300 US dollars – one time cost, the cost of hosting is about 50 US dollars – annual renewal. This website also has no special functions at all, just an English learning blog. It took me time to consider about this. And later when I know how to make a website for myself, I calculated a similar website that costs once only 40 US dollars for both hosting & domain (multiple website hosting). The gap of 350 USD dollars and 40 US dollars is a so big difference.

The second is low initiative. When hiring a website designer, you can ask them to change the settings and handle the problems you encounter if they have a good customer service (technical support). However, it takes quite a bit of time because you have to contact and wait for the design company to confirm and sometimes have to meet directly to explain to the design company. And sometimes the design company will ask for an extra fee when supporting.

The third is information security. If your website is a website that earns a lot of money and contains a lot of confidential information, it is also a risk for the web design company to manage your hosting and domain. You may be the sole administrator of the website, but if you hire hosting company design, they can access any of your confidential information.

These above issues will surely ask you to consider making a website by yourself, especially for those who are aiming to make money online business through their blog (MMO)

Making a wordpress webiste is easy?

It is easy than ever! Take some minutes to look over the steps!

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