08 steps to to complete your own wordpress website


Only 8 simple steps can help you complete a wordpress website in one hour. Let’s look at step by step and do the same. This article is for beginners to start making your own website. In case you have any question, leave a comment on comment section.

Making a wordpress webiste is easy

Terms and definitions

  • WordPress.org: Open source to help you develop websites, you will build websites on this platform. On this page you can search for themes, plugins, sharing bloggers, forums, and support.
  • WordPress.com: is where you can build a free blog associated with wordpress.com domain. For example, the page I create a page like this https://webdep86.wordpress.com/
  • Hosting: This is the place to store all data (database & source) for your website. Like your website is a house, hosting is the land.

To have a hosting, you have to buy. There is also free hosting, but it is limited and runs slowly, is not stable and should not be used.

  • Domain: A domain name that readers can access on the network. The most popular domain name extensions are .com, in addition, there are .org, .net and country domain names …
  • Theme, also known as interfaces, templates are available (free and paid) for wordpress user to help us save a lot of time and cost. Theme wordpress includes 2 types of free and paid. You will read more about this concept in the following article.
  • Plugins are simply understood as add-on webcode written in the PHP language that has one or more separate functions that are not available in WordPress source code.

8 steps to complete your own website

Step 1: Set your goals

This step is not related to technical skill of website, but it reveals what you are looking for and what your purpose is. Once your targets are decided, your action will be directed correctly and effectively. The goals depend on your expection and needs. Some ones may just make a website for writing blog for travelling, personal blog while others want to monetize the website or earn money online by google ads, affiliate, virtual shop products or digital ones. The targets shall guide you what content to write, what wordpress theme to use and how to run marketing stratergies etc. After setting up goals, a specific plan is made to achieve your expectation. For example, a making money online website should consider who your audience is, what country is advertise, when the proper time is, what marketing tools to use (email marketing, content marketing, video marketing – viral). In particular, post planning is important.

Step 2: How to choose a domain

Getting a domain is simple for anyone. Just go online and search some suppliers. Then type the domain name you are looking for and place the order. An email will be sent to you to provide you details of account and setup method. One important note is that to buy international domain, VISA or master card is required. You should prepare this for long-term use also. Some local domain supplier will allow you to use local ATM card but I do not recommend you this way because of inconvenience in the future. There are many domain companies to choose. If you are confused of them, i recommend Namecheap (cheap & many coupons), Godaddy. I have used service of many domain companies, but I prefer Namecheap Domain because it meets my needs.
See: How to choose a domain

Step 3: How to choose web hosting

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.

In a simple way, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address and web hosting is the land to put the house on it.

Hosting is required to run a website.

There are many hosting sellers on website so you should check offer carefully before decision. It is better to reads reviews on reliable website.

Which hosting is better really depends on your demand and requirement also.

In fact, I have used Namecheap, Bluehost hosting. It is good. I have no problem with them. What i love the most is quick chat service and affordable price.

For WordPress, bloggers often use shared hosting with multiple website package.

Note: Some one else can make a local hosting (on your laptop) by using software XAMPP. In this case, domain can be created easily when you set-up the software.

Hướng cách đăng ký mua hosting

Step 4: Transfer domain to hosting – Point domain to hosting

After you have purchased the domain name and hosting, the rest is pointing the domain name to the hosting server. Your website only runs if and only if the domain and hosting are connected to each other. Assuming that you buy domain from namecheap and buy hosting from different sellers, then to make this domain and hosting connection, you do the following two main steps. The key that you have to remember is NAMESERVER (DNS) or HOST RECORDS (DNS records). For more details, please see this post below

See: How to point domain to different hostings

Step 5: Install wordpress for website manually

See: Follow these simple steps right here

Step 6: Install & activate your favourite theme

See: How to install new wordpress theme

Step 7: Install & activate Plugin for your website

See: How to install wordpress plugins in different ways

  • Go to dashboard to find plugins area
  • Click on Add new plugins
  • In this page, you can find lots of free plugins, but if you want to install a new plugin from your downloads (paid plugins), you go to Add new and upload
  • Don’t for get to activate before using

Step 8: Write content for your website

If wordpress, themes, plugins are hardware then the content is software. You want to attract readers, you need to create useful, valuable content and help solve some problems for readers. If you create valuable content, you just give away, you help others solve their problems, then many people will come to you, and wherever you are, you can succeed.

Just do the steps above and you already have your own website. If you want to learn more about wordpress programming, there are courses you can search for to learn more. For me, now that all is available, you need to focus your mind on creating useful content to help the community. This is really important and takes time investment.

Give me some comments below if you need more support.

Good luck!


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